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MIL 1553 Data Bus coupler


DData Bus Couplers are the key components in the fabrication of your bus architecture. Data Bus coupler is a device which is used to couple one bus to the other without any interruption in power supply and without creating hazardous arcs. Bus coupler is a breaker used to couple two bus bars in order to perform maintenance on other circuit breakers associated with that bus bar.

The purpose of the Data Bus Couplers is to prevent a short on a single stub from shorting the main Data Bus i.e. to isolate the main Bus from the terminals, to reduce reflections and maintain signal impedance levels.

MIL 1553 Couplers can be ordered in different configurations as given below.

  1. Single Stub
  2. Dual Stub
  3. Three Stub
  4. Four Stub
  5. Six Stub
  6. Eight Stub
Generic part number for coupler is:
  • AN-017 -XX-YY-ZZ-614- B1.B2.S1.S2
Where XX indicates type of the coupler
  • 01- Inline coupler
  • 02- Connectorized coupler
Where YY indicates number of stubs in the coupler,
  • 01- Single stub coupler
  • 02- Dual stub coupler
ZZ indicates presence of terminator
  • 00- Without terminator
  • 01- With terminator

614 indicates wire type

B1B2S1S2 indicates bus and stub lengths
  • B1- Bus1 length in mm
  • B2- Bus2 length in mm
  • S1- Stub1 length in mm
  • S2- Stub2 length in mm

MIL 1553 Couplers can be ordered with custom cable lengths.

Data Bus Terminator

Electrical termination is required to minimize the effects of signal reflections that can cause waveform distortion. Terminators can be used internally or externally to the coupler.

If two or more non-terminated couplers are used on a bus, then the couplers at each end of the bus must be terminated externally with 78 ohm terminators on the unused bus connections of the end couplers.

Internal and External Inline Terminator resistor- 78 Ohms

Part number for terminators:
Moulded External Inline Terminator: AN-017-614-R78-200

614 specifies type of wire
R78- Indicates terminating resistor value
200- Indicates wire length in mm

Types of Data Bus Couplers and Terminators

  • Single Stub Data Bus Coupler P/N: AN-017-01-01-00-614-B1.B2.S1
  • Dual Stub Data Bus Coupler P/N: AN-017-01-02-00-614-B1.S1
  • Single Stub Data Bus Coupler with Terminator P/N: AN-017-01-01-01-614-B1.B2.S1.S2
  • Dual Stub Data Bus Coupler with Terminator P/N: AN-017-01-02-01-614-B1.S1.S2
External Terminator:
  • Part number: AN-017-614-R78-200