Services - System Integration

System Integration

Ananya helps to bring systems together to harness the power of emerging technologies.

Ananya is engaged in design, prototyping and manufacture of customized cable harnessing solutions and system integration across various domains.

System Integration delivers additional value from multiple systems by bringing them together as a cohesive system that extracts the valuable data within the underlying systems in an easily accessible manner that drives organisational agility.

The transparency that is a hallmark of the way Ananya conducts its transactions with its clients allows the latter to have an in-depth idea of how their requirements are processed so that they are assured that they are in capable hands.

Ananya has a dedicated group of certified technicians that work together and use advanced equipment to fabricate complex custom wiring harnesses. Our responsiveness and ingenuity give our customers the flexibility to get exactly the harness needed for the job.

Our Engineering and Operations team can manage integration tasks from forming an initial concept all the way to deploying the final system as required by the customer. This allows us to control various integration processes to a very high detail, ensuring our customers receive comprehensive and reliable solutions for their integration needs.

Capabilities which support our systems integration projects include:

  • Cable/harness assembly
  • Support for realization of assembly in simulator
  • Site installation and test
  • Long term support
  • Environmental testing