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Electronic LRUs

Ananya makes defence flights safer with a range of its flight critical components

A Line-Replaceable unit (LRU) is a modular component of an airplane, ship or spacecraft. An LRU is usually a sealed unit such as a radio or other auxiliary equipment.

LRUs can improve maintenance operations, because they can be stocked and replaced quickly from distributed nearby on-site inventories (sometimes mobile storage), restoring the mobile systems to service, while the failed (unserviceable) LRU is undergoing complicated repair and overhaul actions in other support locations (lines). Because of their modularity, LRUs also can contribute reducing system costs and increase quality, by centralizing development across different models of vehicles.

An LRU is an essential support item which is removed and replaced at the field level to restore the end item to an operational ready condition.

LRUs are designed to specifications to assure that they can be interchanged, especially if they are from different manufacturers. Usually a class of LRUs will have coordinated environmental specifications (i.e. temperature, condensation, etc.). However, each particular LRU will also have detailed specifications describing its function, tray size, tray connectors, attachment points, weight ranges, etc.

Ananya has successfully designed and Type approved five LRUs for the Jaguar and ALH project. They are listed below.

Further the team has expertise in selection and sourcing of components based on the needs of the customers, ranging from selection of connectors ,adaptors, cable accessories and preparation of Bill-of-materials (BOM) according to the custom drawings provided by customers. Ananya has vast experience handling connectors of MIL-DTL-38999 series &, MIL-DTL-5015, MIL-C-26482 Series, MIL-C-82723 and MIL-C-81703 series etc. Technicians at Ananya are IPC /WHMA -A 620B trained and are fully equipped for handling tinel-lock ring and band backshell adaptors.

  1. Air Data Package (ADP) for Jaguar Platform.
  2. Standby altitude sensor unit (ALTSU) for Jaguar Platform.
  3. Air Data & Altitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) for Jaguar Platform.
  4. Air Data Unit (ADU) for Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH).
  5. Antiskid Control Unit (ACU) for Jaguar Platform.
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