Capabilities - Industry-wise applications

Industry-wise applications

Ananya has worked in collaboration with prominent players in Indian Aviation industry providing flight critical components and Cable Harness Assemblies for the defence markets. These components include the Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) which helps in replacing critical components without the need to dock at landing stations in case of emergency, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) which helps in the maintenance of grounded aircrafts and the MIL 1553 Data bus couplers which aids in the efficient transfer of critical flight data.

Some of the Line Replaceable Units developed by Ananya:

  • The Air Data Unit is a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) that performs duty as a primary air data sensor which measures the static and differential pressures.
  • The Air Data Interface Unit (ADIU), formally known as Air Data and Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) provide basic flight parameters to Engine and Flight Integrated System (EFIS) for displaying those parameters on EFIS independently of main navigation sensor (IN sensor).
  • The Air Data Package (ADP) measures and distributes static and differential pressures. It also measures the impact temperature. From these three parameters various aerodynamic parameters are computed. The output is fed to different indicating systems and Mission Computer.
  • The Standby Altitude Sensor Unit (ALTSU) measures the static pressure and feeds this data to the Auto pilot computer.
  • The Antiskid Control Unit is a sub-system of the hydraulic brake system. The skid control system’s function is to provide touchdown protection for the aircraft prior to landing and individual wheel skid protection during braking operations on the ground.
  • The Switching and Indicating Panel (SIP) is a Panel which is mounted in the aircraft Cockpit to give command that indicates the status of the Harpoon system. The SIP consists of 12 hard switches cum indicators which are to be pressed by the Pilot to issue commands to the Harpoon system. The SIP also indicates the response from the Harpoon System by lighting/un-lighting the switch cum indicator.
  • The Navigation Sensor Unit (NSU) is a part of AHRS/GPS navigation System (GNS) of the Trainer Aircraft. The NSU provides flight critical data on the Head down flight display (HDFD). Based on the functionality, NSU will be treated as safety critical item of the Aircraft.

Ground Support Equipment developed by Ananya:

  • The ‘Optical Head’ is designed to align objects within a range of 0.5 m to 8.0 m e.g. bearing journals, aiming marks etc.
  • The Fuel Tank Leak Tester is designed to test metal or rubber tank, air tight enclosures and hoses ranging from a pressure of 50 mm of water column to 2000 mm of water column.
  • The Nitrogen Charging Trolley is designed and developed to charge Aircraft Accumulators, Tires, Shock struts, etc. in-site. This is mobile and can be moved on the ground easily.
  • The Oleo Charging Kit is meant for charging/recharging of hydraulic components viz. shock strut and brake accumulators with high pressure nitrogen. These hydraulic components are fitted with air charging valves.
  • The Inflation Apparatus has been developed to meet the requirements of charging/recharging with nitrogen of empty or partially charged shock struts/brake accumulators, to their rated pressures.
  • The Oxygen Trolley is designed and developed to fill the oxygen to aircraft oxygen cylinder up to 130 bars.
  • The Pitot static leak tester is Ground support equipment that is used for testing and calibration of air speed and altimeter separately and also as a system installed in Rotary Wing Aircraft.
  • The hand operated Pitot static test set, is a self-contained portable unit for first line functional check of Pitot static systems installed on various types of aircrafts and helicopters.

Ananya has designed and developed MIL-STD 1553 Data bus couplers with Terminators for Defence Aviation. Data Bus coupler is a device which is used to couple one bus to the other without any interruption in power supply and without creating hazardous arcs. Electrical termination is required to minimize the effects of signal reflections that can cause waveform distortion. Terminators can be used internally or externally to the coupler.

In the cable harness industry, Ananya has provided cable harness for mine plough project prototypes, power distribution unit, radar systems for the Indian army. We have also manufactured Test benches, airborne harnesses, electrical cable harnesses, RPU cable harnesses and cable harnesses for LRU for various defence organisations.